Vietnamese Steamed Buns

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Random Dishes

  • $1.85/$12.00

    Sweet Egg Custard with Durian Steamed Buns

    • Each - $1.85
    • Box of 9 - $12.00
  • $.65/$7.00

    Plain Steamed Buns

    • Each - $.65
    • Box of 12 - $7.00
  • $1.85/$13.00

    Sweet Egg Custard Steamed Buns with Mango

    • Each - $1.85
    • Box of 9 - $13.00
  • $1.85/$11.00

    Sweet Egg Custard Steamed Buns

    • Each - $1.85
    • Box of 9 - $11.00
  • $2.35/$16.00

    Seafood Steamed Buns

    • Each - $2.35
    • Box of 9 - $16.00
  • $1.65/$10.00

    Original Pork Steamed Buns with Regular Egg & Sausage

    • Each - $1.65
    • Box of 9 - $10.00

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What Our Customers Say

SO JUICY. I love that their meat: the bun is spot on. The egg inside is a golden idea. Try all the buns! They also sometimes have the pork in a fried bun which resembles a very flakey empanada. LOVE this place. I gift these to friends and family and no one has said anything less than amazing.

Jodi T.

I have a sweet tooth so enjoy the sweet buns in particular ( custard, taro, sau rieng are my favs). However, I found the vegetarian bun to also be a satisfying savory alternative! The staff here are always friendly and patient, considering how long we can take to make our selection from the 3-panel menu! You can choose to have them steam the buns which maintain the soft texture. Takes about 10-15 minutes for the steam option vs 5 min for reheat.

Kelly H.

Cute little bao shop in Mira Mesa! The store owner is super friendly and awesome! The baos are tasty and they have a really good variety. I liked the pork bao with egg. I need to try some of their dessert baos. Parking in this plaza is actually pretty good, it doesn’t get too busy and there’s always plenty of parking!

Daphine L.

WOW! These were sooooo good!! My hubby and I had never eaten there before and the young lady behind the counter was awesome at helping pick out the right items. he went back another day and brought home other items and they were as amazingly delicious as the first time going there. everything we have had has been soooo good!! We will continue to go there for now on. I can not say enough about how good the food was.

Tracy G.

Love this place!!!! Everything is good, but I especially like the Pork and quail egg, the breakfast omelet, and the mango egg custard! Those ones are crazy good. You can’t go wrong with any of them though. Love the bbq pork, and the bbq chicken, and even the vegetable. Getting them fried is so worth it, get the mango or breakfast fried, it’s even more delicious!!! Honestly, I can’t even decide which bao I love more.

Tayler S.

This is a small shop with a very small dine-in section (6 chairs) and a lot of customers were picking up to-go orders. Spend $10 or more on your credit card or you’ll be charged 50 cents extra. If you’ve ever tried Filipino siopaos, this is very similar but a Vietnamese version! You can order the baos either fresh or frozen!

Janel A.